Zolertia releases RE-Mote, the RERUM Mote

The RE-Mote is a hardware development platform. It follows the specifications developed jointly with universities and industrial partners in the frame of the European research project RERUM (RERUM: REliable, Resilient and secUre IoT for sMart city applications). The idea behind RE-Mote is that there is a need for a rather powerful yet flexible and low-power IoT platform to be able to successfully tackle major issues for Smart Cities oriented IoT services such as security, privacy and anonymity. Zolertia’s RE-Mote aims to fill the so far persisting gap in existing IoT platforms that lacked the combination of industrial-grade design and ultra-low power operation capability, being at the same time easy to use and highly integrable to existing devices and deployment scenarios.

remoteAmongst many other features, the RE-Mote provides:

  • Double radio interface to enable personal area networks (100 m over 2.4 GHz) and long range applications (up to 40 km at 868/915 MHz).
  • Powerful ARM M3-Cortex processor with increased performance.
  • Direct programmability over USB (no external programmers required).
  • Ultra-low power operation (current draw is down to a few µA) to support operation on batteries for years.
  • A built-in battery charger allowing to directly connect solar panels and rechargeable batteries.
  • Powering from 2 to 28 V DC sources without requiring additional power converters.
  • Micro-SD card interface to store and retrieve data easily.
  • Security hardware acceleration.
  • Easy integration of existing commercial sensors and actuators.
  • Over the air programming to ensure that the device can be kept up to date.

Further information: Zolertia

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