UNIVBRIS and Zolertia Port Contiki to the RE-Mote Platform

Within days after the production of the first batch of RE-Mote devices, George from the University of Bristol visited Zolertia for a 10-day long software development marathon. During this period, he worked very closely with Zolertia’s team, and the outcome of this effort was that the Contiki Operating System will now run on the RE-Mote.

All the basic functionality is in place (clocks, timers, support for LEDs and buttons, IEEE 802.15.4 2.4GHz RF operation over the built-on CC2538 radio). The Contiki port also supports the following of the more advanced RE-Mote hardware features:

  • Native USB.
  • Phidgets.
  • The TMP102 ambient temperature sensor.
  • An ultra-low power benchmark to validate the Re-Mote design and low power operation
George, two RE-Motes, Antonio's notebook and the necessary snacks

George, two RE-Motes, Antonio’s notebook and the necessary snacks

The team during a Contiki crash-course

The port’s sources have already been made available to all RERUM partners, and consortium members have already achieved the following using RE-Mote + Contiki:


RE-Mote-powered Coin Box

More features are being added all the time:

  • sub-GHz operation over the CC1120 RF transceiver
  • support for the Zonik, Zolertia’s own sound sensor
  • support for more of the RE-Mote sensors. SHT25 – Digital Humidity & Temperature Sensor (RH/T)
  • TSL2563 Light-to-Digital Ambient light sensor
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