Internet of Things: Freescale Addresses Challenges of Designing for the IoT

Security in the IoT is an important challenge that needs to be solved.
Geoff Lees, Senior Vice President and General Manager of MCUs from Freescale, one of the world’s biggest semiconductors manufacturers, highlights this in the above video (from 33″ to 1’07”): He underlines how important it will be to securely control the network access and security in the coming Internet of Things era.

This is one of RERUM’s goals.

Despite Freescale giving the maximum priority to the “Time-to-Market Focus Intensification” challenge, they identify “Securing information from the edge to the cloud” as the next important challenge “for making the IoT a reality”. RERUM focusses on Security and Privacy and Trust. We see Security as a main challenge and as a key enabler for the IoT. RERUM is assuming that companies, like Freescale, will solve the Time-to-Market challenge and bring technology to the market, that — implementing RERUM’s ideas and suggestions on those technology — allows building a more secure IoT.