First long-range test with the RERUM Re-Mote platform


The RERUM Re-Mote platform was taken for its first long-range test early last week, and the results were promising: a 3.14 Km distance was easily achieved using IEEE 802.15.4g settings (50Kbps on the 868Mhz band), with an average RSSI of -56dBm, higher than the -110dBm sensitivity value our on-board CC1120 RF transceiver can achieve, thus being  possible to reach a higher distance!


The field test was done near Barcelona with two Re-Motes featuring simple omni-directional antennas with almost no gain, no special fixtures or highly-directive antenas, just good old duct tape and some amazing views at the Parc de la Serralada de Marina.

The results are shown below.

Mountain range test (Canyet) 868MHz IEEE802154g 3Km

With new technologies and players like SIGFOX and the LoRa alliance betting on long-range solutions to unlock the Internet of Things (IoT), specially for Smart City applications, as well as industry-based solutions, the Re-Mote platform provides a compatible sub-1Ghz transceiver to build applications on top of these technologies, as well as IEEE 802.15.4g support to create Open Source solutions based on the best and most used standards.

RERUM aims to provide a complete architectural framework for dependable, reliable, and secure networks to support IoT and Smart City applications, with this goal in mind the Re-Mote platform was developed to tackle the specific need for long range and reliable communication, ultra low-power operation and robust operation.