Zolertia Re-Mote (RERUM mote) platform officially included in Contiki OS!


The Zolertia Re-Mote platform has been included in Contiki OS as one of the officially supported platforms, providing developers, hackers, researchers and enthusiast an industrial-ready and easy to use hardware platform to build the next Internet of Things!  The port is available at commit 330e450.

Re-Mote commit Contiki

The Re-Mote platform was jointly developed with Universities and Industry partners inside RERUM FP7 European Project, and ported to Contiki with the collaboration of George Oikonomou from the University of Bristol.

More information about the Re-Mote port and the available features can be browsed in its README file.

The Re-Mote is already available in pre-order at our store, scheduled to be launched by August/September 2015.