RERUM @ VTC Spring

RERUM co-organised the VTC Spring 2015 workshop for Heterogeneous Networking for the Internet of Things together with the EU FP7 MC-IAPP MESH-WISE project. The workshop included a poster session, where the RERUM architecture was presented (as seen in the photo).
Elias Tragos presented a paper on Rate-adaptive compressive sensing for IoT applications, which was well accepted by the audience, raising a nice discussion.
Stefanos Papadakis presented a paper on Empowering the IoT Heterogeneous Wireless Networking with Software Defined Radio, describing the way RERUM uses SDRs at the gateway to handle with one hardware interface multiple networking technologies.
Vangelis Angelakis presented at the demo session the smart traffic monitoring solution developed by Linkoping University as part of the RERUM use cases for ensuring the privacy of the location of the users.

Furthermore, Septimu Nechifor and Elias Tragos participated at a panel entitled “Networking and data in smart city IoT use cases: challenges and opportunities”, which attracted the interest of the participants, raising triggering questions for the challenges of big data and data analytics in the IoT and how future networks can help for the reliable delivery of the data in IoT use cases.

Approximately 40 participants attended the workshop.

image7 IMG_20150511_110552 IMG_20150511_104905

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