RERUM @ Net Futures 2015 event

RERUM participated at the Net Futures 2015 conference that was held 25-26th of March in Brussels.
RERUM had an exhibition booth at the event, demonstrating two very interesting showcases of the technologies that are being developed within the project.
What was demonstrated was:
1) on device signature scheme, where ECDSA was used to sign json messages on the very constrained Zolertia Z1 platform (see here for a video showing this example)
2) Software Defined Radio (SDR) based IoT gateway, which used SDR devices in order to implement entirely in software the protocols for IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4. (see here for a video showing this example)
3) Compressive sensing based encryption on temperature and RSSI measurements (see here for the video)
4) a first draft of the RERUM middleware

The booth attracted a lot of visitors who were very interested on the RERUM activities and asked various questions (i.e. how secure are the people’s data right now and what we can do more).

RERUM plans to showcase more advanced examples of its technologies at the IoT week — stay tuned!

DSC01125 DSC01122 DSC01140 DSC01192

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