RERUM @ Meet-IoT 2015 in Turin

RERUM participated at the Meet-IoT 2015 event that took place during 1-2 of October in Turin.
As part of the exhibition, Mr. Pavlos Charalampidis from FORTH demonstrated two demos related to the two out of totally four use cases of the project:
1) A remote live demo of the smart transportation application that included presentation of the privacy-preserving traffic sensing Android app along with traffic results of a pilot deployment at Heraklion. Special emphasis was put on the privacy-enhancing novelties of the solution.
2) Sensor data and network statistics monitoring implemented on RERUM Devices (Zolertia RE-Mote) as part of the environmental monitoring application, ensuring security and energy-efficiency through the use of Compressive sensing.

More than 60 visitors stopped at RERUM’s booth and showed special interest in the activities of the project, raising questions regarding the RE-Mote hardware platform and recognizing the importance of security and privacy on the edge IoT devices.


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