RERUM Final Review meeting

On December 1st 2016, the final review meeting of the RERUM project took place in Brussels. More than 20 members of the large RERUM team participated to the meeting, which showed the great involvement of all partners in the project.

Of high political value was also the attendance of the deputy mayor of Heraklion Municipality, Mr. Petros Iniotakis, who briefly analysed the importance of RERUM for Heraklion, how the project changed the philosophy of the Municipality and helped drafting the Smart City agenda, and how Heraklion wants to continue to support, maintain and extend the RERUM infrastructure in the following years.

The project consortium was quite happy to hear the excellent words from the project officer and the reviewers in the end. All of them acknowledged the very good work that the project has done and the high impact it had in all of its three axis: research, industry and cities. The confirmation from the consortium that the project results will be re-used in many other activities and ongoing project was also a very positive element.

Below you can see the RERUM team that participated to the final review meeting. Thanks to everyone that contributed to the success of the project! It’s been a very interesting journey.

The RERUM team in the final review meeting in Brussels.

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