RERUM demo in FORTH’s Marie Curie Open Day

On July 3rd 2014 a “Marie Curie Open Day” was organised at the premises of FORTH in Heraklion, Greece. The event was organised as part of the dissemination and publicity activities of the Marie Curie projects MESH-WISE and SOrBet. The event was split into two parts, one with invited tutorials and one with demonstrations.

RERUM was invited to participate in the event and show a demo to the attendees. Dr. Alexandros Fragkiadakis presented the demo “Compressive Sensing based gathering of temperature measurements from sensor devices”. The idea of the demo is to show the implementation of a mechanism for jointly compressing and encrypting measurements using Compressive Sensing on the Zolertia Z1 devices. In this respect, the transmitted measurements are simultaneously compressed and encrypted with a single key, using a lightweight mechanism that runs on the devices. In the figure below you can see Dr. Fragkiadakis presenting the demo.

In the TV screen three charts are depicted. The top chart shows the actual real time temperature data that are gathered from the devices. The middle chart shows the reconstructed (decompressed and decrypted) measurements at the server. The low chart shows the reconstruction error which is much less than 1% in our case. We  have to note here that we used a 50% compression, which means that we sent 50% less measurements, which reduces significantly the energy consumption on the sensor device.



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