RERUM at the meeting of DIN on the ISO standard for the “Internet of Things Reference Architecture“ (ISO/IEC 30141)

RERUM provided some comments to the early version the ISO standard for the “Internet of Things Reference Architecture“ (ISO/IEC 30141), as noted in an earlier news post. To follow this up, Henrich C. Pöhls from University of Passau on behalf of RERUM went to the “inauguration” and information meeting of the German mirror-committee for the „Internet of Things“ ISO JTC 1/WG 10.

Henrich C. Pöhls at DIN in BerlinThe meeting took place in Berlin on 19. Februar 2016.

It was a very fruitful discussion and RERUM is delighted to see that security and privacy as well as aspects of a better co-operation on network spectrums are well placed on the agenda. Interesting in respect to standardisation was the presentation on the report from ISO JTC 1 SWG 5 that looked at all the existing standardisation activities that are related to IoT: .  The research of RERUM showcases that it is technically possible to meet the requirements of security, privacy and reliability all together. As ISO’s SWG 5 mindmap highlights, these are important requirments.

ISO JTC 1 SWG 5 Mindmap on Requirements for IoT

RERUM research compared to ISO JTC 1 SWG 5’s mindmap on requirements for IoT


RERUM will continue to monitor this standardisation activity, however the timeframe of this becoming a standard is well beyond the end of the project.


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