RERUM @ IEEE WCNC 2014 Workshop on Internet of Things Communications and Technologies

Henrich Pöhls will attend the IEEE WCNC 2014 Workshop on Internet of Things Communications and Technologies in Istanbul on Sunday, 6th of April.

He will give a keynote on ‘Integrity — A short tour around technical and legal definitions and the impact of integrity’ and present the joint paper of RERUM’s challenges and the overview of intended building blocks.

He will also present the paper ‘RERUM: Building a Reliable IoT upon Privacy- and Security-enabled Smart Objects’ that was written by Henrich Pöhls (University of Passau, Germany), Vangelis Angelakis (Linköping University, Sweden), Santiago Suppan, Kai Fischer (Siemens AG, Germany), George Oikonomou (University of Bristol, UK), Elias Tragos (Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, Greece), Rodrigo Diaz Rodriguez (Atos, Spain), Theodoros Mouroutis (Cyta Hellas, Greece).


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