Prof. Joachim Posegga from UNI PASSAU will attend the 2nd edition of the Annual Privacy Forum, jointly organized by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), EC DG CONNECT and as local organizer the Systems Security Laboratory (SSL) of the University of Piraeus. The event will take place on 20thand 21st of May 2014 in Athens.

He will participate in the panel discussion on “Data Protection in the EU — risks and vulnerabilities, market and policy solution” taking place on the second day, 21st of May 2014, at 12:00. The panel discussion will discuss these risks and vulnerabilities. Furthermore, it explores market and policy solutions to the perceived lack of privacy and security of networks and devices.  What is the role of research? What should companies do?  standards? mandatory requirements?

RERUM sees security and in particular privacy as crucial for Europe and that it can be a competitive advantage. Hence, the technology should follow the principle of privacy by design, e.g. collecting data only if absolutely necessary. RERUM will exemplify this technical approach for the IoT.

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