Press Releases

Authors Papers / presentation title Start Date
  • Elias Tragos
  • Adamantia Mavromati
Cooperation between Municipality of Heraklion and FORTH in the context of the project RERUM: Reliable, Robust and Secure IoT for Smart City Applications10 Sep 2013
  • Theodoros Mouroutis
Cyta Hellas: Participation in the European Project RERUM 3rd Project Progress Meeting in the company's headquarters in Athens07 Apr 2014
  • Xavier Reina
Tarragona Council participation in the RERUM project 20 Oct 2015
  • Xavier Reina
Tarragona: the council participate in a smart cities project05 Nov 2015
  • Xavier Reina
RERUM project to install sensors in Tarragona24 Nov 2015
  • Xavier Reina
RERUM working meeting in Tarragona15 Jul 2016