Deliverable No. Deliverable name Status Delivery Date (project month) Dissemination Level Nature
D1.1Project website3PUO
D1.21st Periodic Management Report12COR
D1.32nd Periodic Management Report24COR
D1.4Final Management Report36COR
D2.1Use-cases definition and threat analysispublished9PUR
D2.2System requirements and smart objects modelpublished9PUR
D2.3System architecturepublished12PUR
D2.4Smart object middlewarepublished18REP
D2.5Final system architecturepublished24PUR
D3.1Enhancing the autonomous smart objects and the overall system security of IoT based Smart Citiessubmitted to Commission18PUR
D3.2Privacy enhancing techniques in the Smart City applicationspublished24PUR
D3.3Modelling the trustworthiness of IoTsubmitted to Commission30PUR
D4.1Introducing CR elements into smart objects towards enhanced interconnectivity for Smart City applicationspublished18PUR
D4.2Advanced techniques to increase the lifetime of smart objects and ensure low power network operationpublished24PUR
D4.3Analysis and Evaluation of system performance and scalabilitysubmitted to Commission30PUR
D5.1Trial scenario Definitions and Evaluation Methodology Specificationpublished18PUR
D5.2Smart object and application Implementationpublished24REP
D5.3Laboratory Evaluation Resultssubmitted to Commission30PUR
D5.4Field Trial Results, Cross-Evaluation and Recommendationssubmitted to Commission38PUR
D6.1Report on RERUM outreach activities of Y1 & Y2 planningpublished12PUR
D6.2Initial plan for Exploitation12COR
D6.3Report on RERUM outreach activities of Y2 & Y3 planningpublished24PUR
D6.4Interim report on Exploitation activities24COR
D6.5RERUM's outreach avtivities assessmentsubmitted to Commission38PUR
D6.6Final Plan for Use of Foregroundsubmitted to Commission38COR
D5.5Smart object and application Implementation – Final reportsubmitted to Commission30RER,P

Submitted to Commission = the deliverable is not yet approved and can not be considered official and final

Published = The deliverable has already been approved by the Commission