New Frontiers in Internet of Things” and in the “1st Summer School on IoT

Antonio Jesús Liñán Colina, CTO of Zolertia and technical leader in the RERUM project for the development of the hardware base of the RERUM RDs, the RE-Mote, was one of the hosts of the workshop “New Frontiers in Internet of Things”, that took place in the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), in Trieste, on March 7-14 of 2016.

Mr. Liñán also conducted some of the workshops within the “1st Summer School on IoT” (photo), co-organized by the ICTP – with whom Zolertia has built a strong collaboration since they are using extensively the RE-Mote platform in their IoT research projects –, the IEEE and the Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá, Colombia, that took place on July 11-17 of 2016, in the Centro Ático of the mentioned university.

In both workshops, within the introductory classes, Antonio Liñán presented the RERUM project, its goals and trials, its requirements and how these require the design of a new IoT hardware platform, the RE-Mote. The RE-Mote was also used during the hands-on part of the workshops to build prototypes of connected devices, using the same sensors as those used in the RERUM trials and which were ported to the RE-Mote platform during the project. The 20 to 30 attendees of the workshops were mostly from the research community, although in the Colombian edition also participated some engineers specialized in IoT and some makers from the local community.

Antonio Liñán (Zolertia) and the IoT summer school attendees in Bogotá.

Antonio Liñán (Zolertia) and the IoT summer school attendees in Bogotá.

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