ITU Telecom World ’15 meeting highlights the importance of trust and security of personal data in IoT

On the second day of the ITU Telecom World’15 Forum in Budapest, a panel discussion focused on IoT and highlighted the importance of trust and security of personal data in IoT. Bettina Tratz-Ryan, Research VP, Gartner remarked that people are happy to share data within a social media environment, but get more risk averse when it comes to IoT. She went on to say that “securing personal data is a key concern”and that “from a policy perspective we need to settle these concerns” on how data can be shared.

The discussion also gave details on the work of the ITU-T focus group on smart, sustainable cities, which in 2014 agreed on the definition of a smart sustainable city. The focus group produced a series of technology reports on smart cities and communities and in this June ITU-T created a new study group to continue the work of the focus group.

On another panel in the first day of the event Ms Thieblemont (Senior Director, Government Affairs, Qualcomm, Inc., USA) also commented on security and privacy for IoT as being of very high priority, and the subsequent need to practice security-by-design and to inherently build in security rather than add it as an afterthought – as in the case of autonomous cars that have needed patching against software vulnerabilities.

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