IoT Week Belgrade 2016 RERUM framework at work in a live environment

The RERUM team at the IoT week.

The RERUM team at the IoT week.

RERUM participated in the IoT Week with a booth, in order to showcase the RERUM framework at work in a live environment. George Moldovan (SSRL), Elias Tragos and Antonis Makrogiannakis (FORTH) attended the booth at all times, showing the latest advances of RERUM (Photo). The booth included a poster showing the RERUM architecture, a live presentation on a screen with more detailed information about the project, the distribution of leaflets and other promotional material, besides the live demo of the RERUM framework.

The live demo included RERUM Devices (the Zolertia RE-Mote), the RERUM Gateway, the RERUM Middleware and an example application requesting data from the devices. The components that were shown in that demo were the following:

  • RD Adaptor, drivers and firmware for the RE-Mote;
  • CS encryption/decryption;
  • Device registration and data collection activation;
  • Data minimization;
  • Smart transportation demo;
  • Integration with SocIoTal platform.

The RERUM booth attracted a large number of participants all three days (more than 50 in total) and there was much interest in the devices and the security/privacy mechanisms implemented in the project.

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