Initial real world trial discussion with Tarragona city representatives

On 29 September RERUM project experts met with the representatives of the Spanish city of Tarragona to kick-start the preparation for the validation process of the RERUM solution through real world trials. The discussions focused on various options for implementing the planned trials in Tarragona. 4 trials are planned in total, encompassing both outdoor and indoor use cases of smart transportation, environment monitoring, home energy management and comfort quality monitoring. The discussion with ICT smart city projects of the city of Tarragona covered the initial steps necessary to be completed, logistic aspects around the trials, overall responsibilities, and associated ethical aspects and how to deal with them. The deputy mayor of the city also attended a significant part of the meeting.


Representatives of the city of Tarragona, Spain, including the deputy mayor, and RERUM project experts

RERUM plans that this initial meeeting will be followed up with a sequence of meetings involving also the identified key local players whose collaboration is essential.

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