RERUM trials’ videos on youtube

The RERUM project has created since last year a youtube channel that is used for uploading project videos for showcasing the technologies developed in the project.

See below a list of the available videos (continuously updated):

1) Security information and event management in IoT

2) Authorization based on data/time of user activity

3) RERUM integration of PRRS for security updates

4) RERUM access control based on RBAC

5) RERUM authorization with reputation

6) Secure speech recognition based home automation application

7) IoT Gateway developed in RERUM

8) RERUM implementation of secure IoT communications with DTLS


10) RERUM IoT gateway integrated with the SocIoTal platform

11) RERUM monitoring application

12) RERUM on device signatures (JSON and ECDSA) prototype

13) RERUM Cognitive Ratdo IoT  gateway and Compressive sensing

Speech recognition based home automation application

Home automation applications have attracted a lot of interest of researchers and companies for many years. Home owners are usually using tablets, smart phone applications or even control panels to act upon the household appliances, i.e. for turning on/off the lights, the washing machine, moving up/down the blinds, etc.

Lately, speech recognition has also made its way into home automation applications, using devices such as Alexa, but also smart phone applications for Siri, Google, etc. However, if the speech-recognition based systems are not properly designed to be secure, one can consider that they can become the Pandora’s box for intruders.

One such example is described here [1] where a person had spent a lot of money to make his house “smart”, but a neighbour just by yelling at Siri to “open the front door” from outside the household, he was able to easily get in.

To address such issues, RERUM prepared a joint use case with the EU-H2020-MSCA-RISE project LISTEN for secure speech-recognition based home automation applications. In this example, we have a microphone array (built within LISTEN) with 8 digital microphones, able to calculate the direction of arrival of the voice signal. Then, RERUM assigns different roles to the “users” according to the direction of the speech signal and identifies if the users are authorized to act upon the household appliances or not. Assuming that the microphone array can be placed either at the front door or at the windows, the system can easily distinguish if a user is inside or outside the house, so it can reject any commands coming from outside (so in the example of the neighbour, the front door wouldn’t open).

See below a video demonstrating the integration between RERUM and LISTEN and the implementation of the above mentioned scenario.



RERUM Final Review meeting

On December 1st 2016, the final review meeting of the RERUM project took place in Brussels. More than 20 members of the large RERUM team participated to the meeting, which showed the great involvement of all partners in the project.

Of high political value was also the attendance of the deputy mayor of Heraklion Municipality, Mr. Petros Iniotakis, who briefly analysed the importance of RERUM for Heraklion, how the project changed the philosophy of the Municipality and helped drafting the Smart City agenda, and how Heraklion wants to continue to support, maintain and extend the RERUM infrastructure in the following years.

The project consortium was quite happy to hear the excellent words from the project officer and the reviewers in the end. All of them acknowledged the very good work that the project has done and the high impact it had in all of its three axis: research, industry and cities. The confirmation from the consortium that the project results will be re-used in many other activities and ongoing project was also a very positive element.

Below you can see the RERUM team that participated to the final review meeting. Thanks to everyone that contributed to the success of the project! It’s been a very interesting journey.

The RERUM team in the final review meeting in Brussels.

Public event in Heraklion to promote RERUM trials

The Municipality of Heraklion and FORTH are organising a public event on Wednesday April 20, 2016 to promote the RERUM project and the installed applications and how these can be exploited by the citizens. The focus of this first event will be on the smart transportation application, which is developed by Linkoping University and is already deployed in the city, with the assistance of Cyta and the local transportation company ( The event is going to be open for all interested citizens and it has been extensively disseminated by Heraklion to many local groups.

More info regarding the event here

RERUM @ Meet-IoT 2015 in Turin

RERUM participated at the Meet-IoT 2015 event that took place during 1-2 of October in Turin.
As part of the exhibition, Mr. Pavlos Charalampidis from FORTH demonstrated two demos related to the two out of totally four use cases of the project:
1) A remote live demo of the smart transportation application that included presentation of the privacy-preserving traffic sensing Android app along with traffic results of a pilot deployment at Heraklion. Special emphasis was put on the privacy-enhancing novelties of the solution.
2) Sensor data and network statistics monitoring implemented on RERUM Devices (Zolertia RE-Mote) as part of the environmental monitoring application, ensuring security and energy-efficiency through the use of Compressive sensing.

More than 60 visitors stopped at RERUM’s booth and showed special interest in the activities of the project, raising questions regarding the RE-Mote hardware platform and recognizing the importance of security and privacy on the edge IoT devices.


RERUM @ VTC Spring

RERUM co-organised the VTC Spring 2015 workshop for Heterogeneous Networking for the Internet of Things together with the EU FP7 MC-IAPP MESH-WISE project. The workshop included a poster session, where the RERUM architecture was presented (as seen in the photo).
Elias Tragos presented a paper on Rate-adaptive compressive sensing for IoT applications, which was well accepted by the audience, raising a nice discussion.
Stefanos Papadakis presented a paper on Empowering the IoT Heterogeneous Wireless Networking with Software Defined Radio, describing the way RERUM uses SDRs at the gateway to handle with one hardware interface multiple networking technologies.
Vangelis Angelakis presented at the demo session the smart traffic monitoring solution developed by Linkoping University as part of the RERUM use cases for ensuring the privacy of the location of the users.

Furthermore, Septimu Nechifor and Elias Tragos participated at a panel entitled “Networking and data in smart city IoT use cases: challenges and opportunities”, which attracted the interest of the participants, raising triggering questions for the challenges of big data and data analytics in the IoT and how future networks can help for the reliable delivery of the data in IoT use cases.

Approximately 40 participants attended the workshop.

image7 IMG_20150511_110552 IMG_20150511_104905

RERUM @ Net Futures 2015 event

RERUM participated at the Net Futures 2015 conference that was held 25-26th of March in Brussels.
RERUM had an exhibition booth at the event, demonstrating two very interesting showcases of the technologies that are being developed within the project.
What was demonstrated was:
1) on device signature scheme, where ECDSA was used to sign json messages on the very constrained Zolertia Z1 platform (see here for a video showing this example)
2) Software Defined Radio (SDR) based IoT gateway, which used SDR devices in order to implement entirely in software the protocols for IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4. (see here for a video showing this example)
3) Compressive sensing based encryption on temperature and RSSI measurements (see here for the video)
4) a first draft of the RERUM middleware

The booth attracted a lot of visitors who were very interested on the RERUM activities and asked various questions (i.e. how secure are the people’s data right now and what we can do more).

RERUM plans to showcase more advanced examples of its technologies at the IoT week — stay tuned!

DSC01125 DSC01122 DSC01140 DSC01192

RERUM supports CAMAD 2014

The International Workshop on Computer-Aided Modeling Analysis and Design of Communication Links and Networks (CAMAD) will be held on 1-3 December 2014 in Athens, Greece and RERUM is one of the seven projects that supports the workshop (as it can be seen in the home page of the workshop).

Apart from that, RERUM will have a strong participation in the workshop with several papers and demos and will also organise a special session on Recent advances in secure management of data and resources in the IoT (RED-IoT).

More details regarding the program and the accepted papers/demos will follow.