RERUM’s 4th Plenary Meeting

RERUM’s 4th meeting took place at FORTH in Heraklion at the end of June and beginning of July, with a very strong attendance from all partners. The three days of the meeting were packed with very fruitful and interesting discussions!

At the end of day three the partners of RERUM connected with 2 other EU projects related with Smart Cities (MESH-WISE / SOrBet) in a joint session. The goal was to identify common areas between the three projects and possibilities for cooperation.

RERUM identified itself as able to provide the other projects with guidelines on how to build more secure and privacy preserving architectures. MESH-WISE presented itself as a promising solution for providing optimized performance in wireless mesh networking within urban areas that could possibly help RERUM in the lower layers networking solutions. SOrBet proposed to assist RERUM in the area of building automation systems and in the trials, since the SOrBet partners have an existing automation system that can be used.

In general, the three projects have identified common areas and will continue the close cooperation in the future.

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